Dub45 is a net-label where releases take the form of virtual 45rpm singles, but with both sides containing dub versions of a non-existent A side. While the selection of tracks pays hommage to the spirit of studio-created dub reggae, Dub45 is a contemporary take on a form of music profoundly centred on bass, drums & space…

We love vinyl and our aim is to release real dub45s, but that requires your support. So if you like what you hear please buy the full digital download of each release & you can do so knowing that the money is going towards the very real costs of mastering & eventually pressing vinyl, not up some corporate record label flunkies nose!

The planned release schedule is for one digital dub45 per month minimum, with the first few releases being my studio alter ego SUIZEN (named after the Komuso – Japanese ‘Zen Priests of Nothingness’) but I am totally open minded about what the future holds in terms of collaboration, remixes etc…

Hope you enjoy the tunes!

tim prebble
sound designer, musicator, modular synthesizor, reanimator, discombobulator



If you need a history lesson in dub reggae, then wikipedia is as good a starting point as any, but my own journey started over 20 years ago… Back in the early 1980s I was playing bass in a band that was rapidly failing at trying to be the bastard child of the Velvet Underground & Can, but I noticed how our live sound engineer always used to EQ the sound system with an album that I grew to love: Anthem by Black Uhuru… As I rapidly lost interest in guitar based music I started to explore more; first Augustus Pablo, then King Tubby, Prince Jammy, Prince Far I, Lee Scratch Perry, Scientist… Around this time I was also introduced to the epic work of Adrian Sherwood, his On U Sound label and in particular, the studio based creations of African Head Charge… And so here I am, decades later, pursuing an idiosyncratic version of what first inspired me so deeply…



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